Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More on the "Consignment Collection"

First, a quick note - if you're a book dealer / book collector / book fanatic and you haven't yet read any of the blog posts regarding the four day wonder which was the ABAA Pasadena International book fair (see previous post for information about it) , here are some links for you:

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From Chris Lowenstein at The Bookhunter's Holiday (this is a four part series of posts, I'm linking the first post to whet your appetite): The Bookhunter's Holiday ABAA blog post #1

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I know there are others out there, but this is just a set of starter links for you.  Interesting viewpoints, one and all, on one of the three biggest book fairs in the US (and the ONLY really big Book Fair on the west coast).

Now, on to other things.

A couple of weeks ago I missed going to the San Francisco  book fair due to an appointment to pick up a possible consignment collection.  I had been sent a list via email of some of the books that were in the boxes that might be consigned, but as always, I was a skeptic of the highest order.  I've seen plenty of lists from prospective customers -- only to find out, upon arrival, that what the list shows and the reality of the group of books are two completely different animals.

This time, the reality was definitely better than my expectation.  I can't go into great detail just yet (waiting for some finalizing with the consignor,  and a possible catalogue to put together before I can  preview a few of the items) but this small collection has given me much to do research-wise.

It's mostly young adult / children's picture books, but with an emphasis on illustrated editions and illustrators; including: N. C. Wyeth, Arthur Rackham, Howard Pyle, and others.  There are a couple of truly stand out items that I long to divulge (and describe, with copious photos), but I'm still researching most of those.  I should have all of the collection ready to go for the upcoming Sacramento Book Fair (March 22nd) at the Scottish Rite Temple. 

Hopefully I'll  be able to start showing some of them here well before that deadline.

And now, back to the desk and to my research.

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Chris Lowenstein said...

Fantastic news about the consignment! I look forward to seeing the books at a future fair. Thanks for the link, too!