Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Andre Norton -- masquerading as Andrew North

 Andrew North was an early pseudonym of Andre Norton's --partly because she wrote too quickly and partly because women were NOT SF authors in the 1960's.

Norton isn't the only woman to have to hide behind a pseudonym (and in fact, Andre Norton is one as well-- Norton's real name is Mary Alice Norton).
Some other day, I'll get to some of those women authors...remind me.

A cool book with a cool scifi cover.

Norton's eighth published book. Her first was in the 1940's but most of the books readers know and love are from the 1950's and 1960's.

Another cool dust jacket cover too.

All three of these books are currently available on my website.


More photos... one disaster, the other not too shabby!

this is the not too shabby -
I thought I'd put it first because it makes me feel better that way.

Remember a month ago when I despaired of ever having all the boxes out of the front room?
Well -- Christmas time (and a tree supposed to go where the table is standing) makes for the impetus to CLEAN UP.

Note - there are the tall bookcases behind... and in front are portable cases filled with the overflow.
Problem is... I still have TONS more books to go on the shelves.
I'm running out of space to put the portables and still be able to move!

This room is in an L shape - there's more room off to the right. With bookcases as well.
And a small upright piano.

Notice though -- NO BOXES!
(I cheated and moved one box of books that still needs to be put away).

Now, on to the disaster...

My work room. Notice the very well posed cat. She posed for free.

On the way to my desk.  I have two stacks of boxes by the door to the room, making it harder to get into.

This is NOT getting better as the year goes on.

I'm really trying to get through these boxes to free up space.

I LIKE space.

I like CLEAN.

I'd like to be cloned into 12 other mini me's so I can get some things done.

Tomorrow -- pictures of the SHOWER disater.

And after that (hopefully) pictures of Christmas foods... yum.
I've got the stollen  dough in the fridge for tonight or tomorrow,
if I can swing it, I'm going to make a Buche de Noel
starting either today or tomorrow (it usually takes me two days to do it right)
After that, it's some cookies, etc. to give to friends...

We'll see -- great idea and all that...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've got some pictures from the Pasadena fair -- the lighting in the booth is quite bright, so getting good shots wasn't easy. I also had a somewhat weird set-up.

Here's a view from what should be the front.

Behind the glass case (as for the glass case, I wanted to take pictures, but the lighting off the glass and chrome was a nightmare)

another case

My Janet Evanovich signed First Editions - found a week before the fair.

I wish I could show you the flaps on this -- it's a moveable piece of art with all sorts of medical terminology, and parts flip up to show different systems.

The sublime and the ridiculous -- A Tolkien Bestiary topped with a children's book from Harlin Quist company.

Some close up shots -- I took more, but it seems overkill to include them today. I might need to make this a two part blog.

Most of the items shown are - unfortunately - still available...

While the show went generally well, the number of books that I brought back were very close to the number I took with me. 

And as for buying, I bought about 15 books at a local bookstore. Nothing from the fair itself.

 For a closer look at any of these -- just click on the picture.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Break's over... back to work

So I THOUGHT I'd be able to do it all -- you know, get ready for the fair, attend the fair, post on the website every day, keep updating my database and online listings... get all the Christmas shopping, baking, housecleaning, etc. done -- all at the same time.

Guess what?

I couldn't.

Which is why I haven't posted since the 4th of December.

I've got pictures to add to the site -- from my book fair booth, from my almost clean living room, from the shower / linoleum disaster that is my upstairs bathroom, even from the box filled cave that is my work room, but not today.

As with all of last week, today is another catch-up day.

I do need to blog about the fair at some point -- but I need to clear my head first. And I need to get some urgently done things DONE first.

In the mean time, I'm posting pictures of some of the books that went down to Pasadena with me (and unfortunately, came right back up again) which have now been ENTERED into my database.

Today it's War Fiction / Vietnam Fiction:

Made into a FUNNY, poignant Movie

A Classic

 Vietnam Fiction at its best

Signed by the author

 More War Fiction... this time World War II

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pasadena - Day 1: Set-Up

I was hoping to continue my string of posting nearly every day,  but holidays (and book fairs) do tend to mess things up.

Last week, it was travel and family time. Not really good time to sit and blog.

 Yesterday, it was traveling again.

Today should be a bit less hectic-- all I HAVE to do is set up for the book fair.

It SHOULD only take a few hours....


We'll see.

In the mean  time, I need to get my rear up this morning after a decent motel sleep and get myself ready for food and heavy lifting.

I'll try and have pictures later.

Wish me luck!

(PS: When I get back home I'll show you the pictures of  the bathroom floor that's been pulled up, the dishwasher that's NOT working, the Shower that has to be repaired ME... and the hole in the downstairs ceiling that will have to be patched.... all of which happened between Monday last and now....sigh)