Friday, December 4, 2009

Pasadena - Day 1: Set-Up

I was hoping to continue my string of posting nearly every day,  but holidays (and book fairs) do tend to mess things up.

Last week, it was travel and family time. Not really good time to sit and blog.

 Yesterday, it was traveling again.

Today should be a bit less hectic-- all I HAVE to do is set up for the book fair.

It SHOULD only take a few hours....


We'll see.

In the mean  time, I need to get my rear up this morning after a decent motel sleep and get myself ready for food and heavy lifting.

I'll try and have pictures later.

Wish me luck!

(PS: When I get back home I'll show you the pictures of  the bathroom floor that's been pulled up, the dishwasher that's NOT working, the Shower that has to be repaired ME... and the hole in the downstairs ceiling that will have to be patched.... all of which happened between Monday last and now....sigh)

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