Monday, November 30, 2009

One for the Money...

One for the Money is the first book in the Stephanie Plum series of mysteries by Janet Evanovich. The series is a humorous one (as in, NOT all dark and violent like, say... Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer or Dashiell Hammet's Sam Spade .... mind you, Nick and Nora Charles were much more refined, but neither are they like Stephanie Plum).

So Stephanie is from New Jersey. She's a bounty hunter (working for a bail bondsman), a profession she picked up after her other profession as a lingerie buyer went defunct. Not your usual private investigator type. She's tough, but feminine, she's funny and yet serious, she pals around with men who can be a bit unsavory. She also manages to get stuck in the middle of a bucket-load full murders.

There are, so far, 15 books in the series.

This particular book, and the next three in the series, are books I picked up while I was traveling during our Thanksgiving vacation.

The nice thing is that all four of the books I found are First Editions.


three of the four are signed.


All four are going down to Pasadena with me this week, along with a few other things I found in my wandering.  Hopefully I'll be able to mention at least one more this week.

Now I've got to go and haul seats out of the van to make room for boxes.


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