Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing Hookey...

Yup.  Still not feeling that great (the temp is much better, but the COUGH.... man, sometimes Asthma is a real pain...)

So today, since I've been cooped up at home for one reason or another for nearly a week, I played hookey and went book hunting.

I am SUPPOSED to be quietly, consistently doing data entry and winnowing down this block of boxes behind my desk, getting ready for another book fair (I'm 99% certain I'm going to go to Pasadena), and getting my tax info finished for the year, but....

I was itching to get out, and I KNEW there was something for me... some books that had MY name on them. So I went.

So there.

(Being an adult sometimes is weird. You have to account to YOURSELF instead of your parents .... and sometimes it's hard to do.)

No pictures of books today, as I was gone and didn't take the stack of pictures I meant to take.

However, I did find three nice books, plus some other fun regular stock to add to my toppling piles.

Tomorrow, I guess I'll buckle down and work.

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