Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a good thing Monday comes only once a week....

So this weekend, instead of being a relaxing weekend of fun and frolic (though I honestly don't know many people who FROLIC on their weekends... most of us just do extra housework and repair work on their respective homes.) I spent Saturday at Scout functions -- up at the crack of dawn to drive to Stockton for a training... only to fly back to Modesto to attend an Eagle Court of Honor ceremony with son number one.  Sunday, I SHOULD have been cleaning, but spent the day either lying on the sofa, trying to stay awake and not cough, or reading on the sofa, trying to stay awake, and not cough.

The virus HASN'T gone away.... at least, portions of it.  My head is somewhat better, but my cough is still here (and it's tiring to cough all the time), and my energy level has dropped to zero -- which means that the big pile of leaves out front (and at the back of the house as well, I suppose) haven't been raked, the gutters are full and no one has climbed up the ladder with necessary gear to do anything about them (seeing as I am the only gutter un-clogger available....)

AND -- I was three hundred pages shy of finishing the book I needed to read for review which was due TODAY.  Three hundred pages, you scoff. That can be knocked off in an hour.


Well, not this book. I was finding myself reading 15 pages and falling asleep. Not that the book was boring -- in fact, it was the opposite. But the number of characters to keep track of, the plots sliding in and out of play, the fact that this is book NINE of a ten volume set and the author keeps pulling in characters and plots from ALL eight of the previous books.... which I haven't memorized....made for slogging. And with a head that didn't want to cooperate either.

I got it done today, but that's basically all I did.  I finished the last 50 pages this morning then sat and stared at the computer for over an hour to come up with the words I needed.  It's darn near put me under and that's the ONLY THING I'VE DONE!!!  (well, not exactly true, checked bank balance, paid bills, did my invoices and packed books, and finished the emails that have been waiting since Friday...)

Tomorrow, I get back to a more normal work day.

Tomorrow I have a newsletter (email version) to put out.
I have a newsletter - print version - to fix up for the December Book fair (and it needs to go out NOW in order to get to people in time).
I've got to update the website.
I've got to finish unpacking and reviewing the three boxes of books from the LAST book fair.
I've got to start packing for the next book fair.

Oh, don't forget, I have to ENTER NEW BOOKS into the database for the book fair too.


NOW, in fact.

so tonight, what am I doing?

Running a Webelos meeting.
Wondering what to do for dinner.
Figuring out how to get one child to Webelos while the other goes to soccer practice (at the same time, of course, since they changed the soccer practice time to match the season).
Wishing I could sleep.
wondering how much sugar it's going to take to keep me going today.


And did I mention that the book fair is only FOUR weeks away now?


Tomorrow I'll have some pictures of books for you to ogle.

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