Thursday, November 19, 2009

Batter Up!!!!

Today I was cataloguing baseball books. It just happened that they were on the pile in a lump, which is the way things happen sometimes (and sometimes, I pile them in the boxes in little lumps of certain subjects, so that I CAN work on a group of things at a time ... then I forget that I put them in that way....).

So the majority of today's uploaded books are books on baseball. Or more correctly, Baseball Biographies.

A couple of the books feature Boston Red Sox players -- which is a good thing, as we're a (mostly) Boston Red Sox family. My husband is the rabid one though.  During playoffs it's better NOT to talk to him unless the Sox are winning.

This one is signed.

I also just picked up (and listed today) a copy of Dave Dravecky's COMEBACK which is also signed, but I haven't got a picture for it yet.

 Tomorrow I don't know what the pile will bring, but whatever it is, I'm looking forward to it.

NOW -- on to other matters.

I went through on Tuesday and riffled through my boxes of unprocessed stock to see what stuff called to me to take to the book fair. I found THREE boxes full of new stuff.  The problem is, I CAN'T process and add them to my database fast enough (especially with a shortened week next week -- four days away from the main computer makes data entry really not possible, and another shortened week the week after -- when I drive myself down to Pasadena on Thursday).  SO the plan is to just get the author's and titles in the computer with an ID number and just either hand write or sticky note the price for the fair (and put dust jackets on, of course).  We'll see how fast I can do that, or IF I can do that.  In the mean time, I keep finding MORE stuff I want to add to the pile of boxes:

Baseball books (since I have some fun ones now)
Christmas books (duh)
pretty books (which always need to be faced out -- thus taking up MORE SPACE -- even though I want to bring more boxes ... this paradox is never ending)
Mystery books (I'm finding more of these again & they sometimes sell)

What I WISH I had to take to the fair:

A Copy of Stranger in a Strange Land (Robert Heinlein) -- 1st edition with a dust jacket in FINE condition (not Ex library)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep / or the variant title which I don't remember now (Philip K. Dick) (1st edition, etc. of course)

DUNE (Frank Herbert) (same thing - 1st with dust jacket Fine /Fine.)

Early Georgette Heyer hardbacks with dust jackets

a Modern First title to knock the socks (sox) off people (and which I would find for ten bucks in a thrift store so I make a ton of money ...which I could REALLY use right now).

and as the cherry on top, a few early Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan books (1sts with dust jackets, etc.)

Ah.... the dream lives on....

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