Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puttin' on the Ritz...just like Gary Cooper...

The Virginian by Owen Wister
in a Photoplay edition featuring Gary Cooper in the lead role.

This book was turned into movies at least four times (possibly five). It's just one of THOSE books -- but the photoplay edition of the book (while not as pricey as the first edition) has a great deal of charm all its own.
There are two different photoplay editions. The first was done in 1923 (by the way, I found out today that Photoplay was actually the term used before we decided to use MOVIES for what we see at the Theatre).
SO - the 1923 photoplay edition had still photographs included from the silent movie. There was a second version done (with no photoplay book to go along) that was also a silent film. Then, in 1929, Gary Cooper and Walter Huston starred in an ALL-TALKING version of the film... for which  a Photoplay book was issued (probably as a great advertising addition ... nowadays they call it marketing).

This book is just not easy to find, especially with the dust jacket.

And the dust jacket on this copy is quite nice. Not fine, mind you, but quite nice.

I'm having a wonderful time staring at it.

Mostly, I should be continuing to add more to the DONE pile, but on a day like today (and it's been A DAY), just staring at Gary Cooper in his cowboy hat is fine with me.

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