Friday, November 20, 2009

Blustery Fall Days

This morning it started out cold, but right now, it's blustery, blowing wind and overcast looking to rain, making it one of those days where sitting in front of a warm fire, with cocoa in one hand and a good book in the other sound mighty appealing.

Of course there's no fire in the fire place (yet -- I really do need to get the fireplace swept out), no cocoa and my book to read will just have to wait for another day. Too much needs to get done before I can sit. However, I'm thinking about making some bread this afternoon  -- 'cause warm bread with loads of butter (and possibly honey, but the butter is king) works almost as well as a fire.

I've started my scheme to just list authors and titles on some of the pile of books to go to the book fair. Some I'm finishing completely so they'll go on line (gotta keep feeding the beast to continue to get orders, ya know), then I put a little mark by the price so when I get back I know what's been finished and what's not (supposedly).

The nice thing is that we got the bags all delivered yesterday (second day of walking) for the Scouting For Food Project.  That means we won't be walking in the blustery mess this afternoon. However, possibility of rain AND wind tomorrow when we go to pick up the bags (hopefully) of food donated.   Good thing we've got fresh doughnuts planned too.



now for some pictures of books just entered today:

Classic Wonderful

Modern Hilarious

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