Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hallowe'en revisited

Mostly, it's revisited because (if you read my previous post) I finally got the pictures that I took on  Hallowe'en into my computer, so I can POST them.

Son number one did not deign to come with us to visit Aunt J, Uncle M, Ruby and Nikki.  He decided to stay home and go play game cube with a friend instead.

So it was just me and son number two.  We didn't dress up.  We just wandered down the road to San Jose to visit and schmooze and also attend the neighborhood yearly party around the block from where my sister lives.

It was fun. 

It was kitch-y.

It was silly.

And there was FOOD!

Little Nikki (who is a premie) isn't so little anymore.

Ruby taking her turn at the Pinata.  She really looks like my sister.

Son number two decimating the pinata.  His second turn up, he couldn't wait for the candy ANY longer. A gentle hint to strike at the neck did wonders.  And boy does he have a MEAN swing.

They finally sat down.

The thing about pictures of THREE young people -- you never get ALL of them paying attention.

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