Thursday, November 12, 2009

Working down the lists

So with the book fair (in Pasadena -- on the 5th & 6th of December - did I mention this already?) coming up in just over three weeks, there are a host of things I have to do to be ready.

Starting with sending out fliers to people who live in Southern California.  This needs to be done at least two weeks ahead of time to give potential fair-goers the chance to add it to their calendars.

I FINALLY got the fliers made yesterday. Today I got the address labels made and put on. This afternoon I'll stick on the stamps and be DONE with step one.

Also, today is finally the day I'm sending out my monthly newsletter.  The newsletter goes to people who have bought books from me in the past. I KNOW how people feel about spam. I DO not want to be a spammer.
However, in order to help keep me in business, it's a necessary evil.  I only send the newsletter out once a month (many other businesses send things weekly, or in the case of Lands End, nearly daily, lately -- now I don't mind reminders from businesses more than once a month -- but I don't want to be pushy and in people's faces all the time either, so I keep it to once a month. I might change that from time to time, but for me, once a month is good.

Now I can mark this DONE on my list as well.

After that, it's starting to box up books to take to the fair, doing more data entry and doing more TAXES...

but then, two of the three things on this list should be daily endeavors and not worth mentioning.

Of course, that being said, I've only done data entry one day this week and taxes.... well, part of May is finally finished (not completely mind you) and that's it.

There's time tomorrow right?

And only three weeks to go.

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