Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More photos... one disaster, the other not too shabby!

this is the not too shabby -
I thought I'd put it first because it makes me feel better that way.

Remember a month ago when I despaired of ever having all the boxes out of the front room?
Well -- Christmas time (and a tree supposed to go where the table is standing) makes for the impetus to CLEAN UP.

Note - there are the tall bookcases behind... and in front are portable cases filled with the overflow.
Problem is... I still have TONS more books to go on the shelves.
I'm running out of space to put the portables and still be able to move!

This room is in an L shape - there's more room off to the right. With bookcases as well.
And a small upright piano.

Notice though -- NO BOXES!
(I cheated and moved one box of books that still needs to be put away).

Now, on to the disaster...

My work room. Notice the very well posed cat. She posed for free.

On the way to my desk.  I have two stacks of boxes by the door to the room, making it harder to get into.

This is NOT getting better as the year goes on.

I'm really trying to get through these boxes to free up space.

I LIKE space.

I like CLEAN.

I'd like to be cloned into 12 other mini me's so I can get some things done.

Tomorrow -- pictures of the SHOWER disater.

And after that (hopefully) pictures of Christmas foods... yum.
I've got the stollen  dough in the fridge for tonight or tomorrow,
if I can swing it, I'm going to make a Buche de Noel
starting either today or tomorrow (it usually takes me two days to do it right)
After that, it's some cookies, etc. to give to friends...

We'll see -- great idea and all that...

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