Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've got some pictures from the Pasadena fair -- the lighting in the booth is quite bright, so getting good shots wasn't easy. I also had a somewhat weird set-up.

Here's a view from what should be the front.

Behind the glass case (as for the glass case, I wanted to take pictures, but the lighting off the glass and chrome was a nightmare)

another case

My Janet Evanovich signed First Editions - found a week before the fair.

I wish I could show you the flaps on this -- it's a moveable piece of art with all sorts of medical terminology, and parts flip up to show different systems.

The sublime and the ridiculous -- A Tolkien Bestiary topped with a children's book from Harlin Quist company.

Some close up shots -- I took more, but it seems overkill to include them today. I might need to make this a two part blog.

Most of the items shown are - unfortunately - still available...

While the show went generally well, the number of books that I brought back were very close to the number I took with me. 

And as for buying, I bought about 15 books at a local bookstore. Nothing from the fair itself.

 For a closer look at any of these -- just click on the picture.

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