Monday, March 26, 2012

It's the Monday after the Sacramento Rare Book fair -- I haven't got my brain connected to my body just yet (though it's definitely better today than it was yesterday). 

A few quick comments about the fair:

--- lots of people showed up to the fair, even though it was threatening rain all day long.
I have to say that the coordinator, Jim Kay did a marvelous job of getting people in the door.  My booth was from time to time, completely packed with people browsing.  This was COOL  - with a capital C.

--- Not as many buyers as there were bodies.  Unfortunately, while the attendance was great and the visitors were all very interested in looking at the items up for sale, the number of actual purchasers was smaller this year than last September.

--- the dealers were, as always, a great bunch. We had wonderful conversations, commiserations, and contact.  I was busy enough on Saturday that I didn't have TIME to wander down the way and talk to the other dealers that I haven't seen since last year.

--Dinner after the fair was Yummy (there's this nifty dinner place right around the corner from the event location - sort of -- that has to-die-for food).  Even waiting on my poor tired toes was worth it!

--- I have some jpgs of my booth and some dealers, but I haven't got the energy today to post them. I'll do that later this week.

--- NO RAIN FOR SET UP OR FOR LOAD OUT!!!!!!   How cool is that!

--- I'm whacked.  Loading 30+ boxes of books and 8+ portable bookcases on four consecutive days is NOT conducive to a happy body.  I don't care how old or young you are. It's WORK.

Ok, that's all I've got for the moment.  I'll write up a better overall post on the fair when my brain kicks back into regular work mode.

Thanks to all the blog readers who came to the show -- thanks to the dealers who spent time chatting with me and thanks to all the people who came out in the (near) rain for a wonderful event!

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