Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Continuing the slog

Hey - I'm up to the letter 'E' in the ongoing stock updating / purging process.  I guess I'm finally fired up to really get this job done, since I seem to be whacking my way through a shelf a day currently (we'll see how long that lasts when school is officially out on Friday. Production might slow to a standstill depending on how many things I can find for the kids to do during vacation).

The shelves are looking good -- at least the shelves that are finished.  I am cleaning (dusting, everlasting dusting!) and reorganizing.  So far, I have several subject areas that are NOT on shelves yet since I don't have the space for them, but I'll get there.  And the purging is going extremely well -- I have completely run out of paper bags in which to put them.  I'm still holding out on putting them in boxes as I NEED boxes for book fairs, so will have to scrounge for more bags.  I have more places to give the books; my sister, who lives in San Jose, asked for kids books to donate to her school. I'll donate to other schools in the area as well if they'll take them.

I've also started a true purge / cleaning binge of the house in general -- I'm on a mission -- and it involves going through every nook and cranny of the house, pulling things out into the light of day, making a final decision about it's relative worth to the household and chucking anything that just doesn't need to stay.

This is a long, involved process, as you can imagine - and it has to happen around my regularly posted work hours, so it's also a long slow slog.  I've made headway in the garage, the kitchen and my closet (which is actually more full of books and kid stuff than clothes).

I'm still looking for alternate employment - either part time or full time.  Books are selling, and the purging seems to help with this, but it's just not stable enough at the moment to make me comfortable.  So, if you're in the Modesto area and have any part time jobs for a willing worker who has awesome skills (yeah, I said it!),  send me a comment and I'll come running.

The Great Sewer Debacle is continuing - slowly  - to unfurl.  No word yet on what we'll actually do, but I'm in contact with the insurance people, and the Roto-Rooter people.  It will involve permits from the city as well. No word on THAT yet.

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