Thursday, January 29, 2009


In celebration of finishing tax stuff, I'm going to go buy myself a piece of German Chocolate cake & eat the whole thing all by myself... if, that is, I can hide it long enough from my number one son who is an eating vacuum at the moment.

It's done.

I've paid the state sales tax bill and gotten confirmation online already (took five minutes to fill out the online form & get back a response -- not believing a soulless machine, I had to do it on paper on the form myself first...but that's another story.) I also figured out the city sales tax & will ink over my penciled numbers and make out the check tomorrow and mail it off. Then it's completely done until next year.

Hopefully, I'll be more up to date about getting my monthly totals done this new year.

And, strangely enough, I was completely flummoxed to find out that this last year (2008's ) grand totals were just $10.00 different from the year before (income I mean...)

THAT'S WEIRD -- at least to me it is. It's never happened before. Also, because prices on EVERYTHING increased so much during the last year, it FELT as if I was making far less.

I wasn't. I was just spending WAY MORE on everyday things like FOOD (which is a BIG part of the household budget -- see the note about my vacuum cleaner number one son).

Even December wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Now I can get back to funky, cool, unusual books.

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