Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New President... new administration... new order.... hopefully.

Just like millions of other folk around the world, I feel it is important to at least mention that an historic event has just taken place. Congratulations, Mr. President Obama, I wish you well.

I was a supporter of Hilary Clinton, and quite hesitant to find our next president was going to be rather less experienced in many ways than I had hoped, but I have to admit that during the transition Mr. Obama has made some very hopeful and, I hope, SMART steps towards fixing some of the ills that have befallen us as a nation. I also hope that the nation as a whole, and the congress in particular don't end up stifling some of the positive changes that can be made (take a gander at what the state of California's legislature has done to take a sorry situation and muck it up further...).

There have been times in the last few years where I've felt like apologizing to the world for being an American. A former neighbor of mine, who emigrated from Iran, (not only were he and his wife my friends, but his children were my sons best playmates for several years) and I had numerous, long conversations about what it was like to live in the US and in Iran... and about changes he had seen in the 30 years he has lived here...there were times when I wanted to tell him that I wasn't THAT type of American, that I didn't believe in some of the wrong-headed, wrong-hearted things that were being done in the name of MY country.

I hope, that with Mr. Obama's leadership & forward thinking attitude, that I won't feel that way again. Ever.

Good Luck, Mr. President.
God Speed.
I wish you well.

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