Tuesday, February 10, 2009

taxes again... the state has gone bonkers!

So you all know I finished my sales tax stuff & sent it in on Jan 29th.

Since then I've handed my Fed & State tax info off to my accountant for her to do her mojo on -- I try to get my tax stuff in early as I do normally get a refund from both the state & the fed. Since I can use the money NOW, I wanted to get it all done & turned in as soon as possible. My accountant, is, predictably, in the midst of deluge time herself, so my itty bitty tax stuff is not the most pressing. Unfortunately, this leads to today's mini-rant.

Last week, the comptroller of the State of California, put a hold on all tax refunds -- actually going so far as to send out IOU's to citizens. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I know I will. If it's pretty enough, I might frame the letter. Californians have NO IDEA when we will get our refunds. It might be two months, it might be six, it might be two years from now. Who knows.

I really do need my refund sooner than later so I'm a bit edgy about all this, but the REASON for the IOU's is the real kicker.

Here's my rant from my website on WHY it is the state is in trouble (actually, it's a mini-rant as well & doesn't go into all the reasons WHY we're in this state, but why we haven't gotten OUT of this state)....

here it is:

My taxes are all in (as I mentioned last time) but just before I am ready to send in my CA tax info, the state has frozen all payments of tax refunds. Yes, I should be getting one, but no, I don't at this point know when it will be. Maybe 2011, maybe never. I could actually use it NOW, but that's not gonna happen.

The state of California is MESSED UP. I would love to go up to Sacramento (and hit the bookstores, etc) and knock some heads together in the legislature. It's the legislature that's continuing to hold things up. They REFUSE to take the plunge and ask for some hard steps to be taken (IE: raising taxes) to pay for the mess they've made of the budget. Because -- and this part REALLY gets me -- if they are caught raising taxes a couple of things will happen: first, the Republican party for the US has told their members that they will be sanctioned if they do .... HUH? The rest of the nation, that doesn't have the same problem as us is telling us we CAN'T do something about it? ; then there's the backlash yet to come -- most of the Republicans don't want to raise taxes because in two years (or however many it is until they are re-elected) the voters will REMEMBER that they raised taxes & vote them out of office. -- WHO THE HECK CARES ABOUT TWO YEARS FROM NOW!!! We need a budget passed NOW and a selfless, honest civil servant (that's what these guys & gals are SUPPOSED to be) would not think about his own future, but would think about the future of the Great State of California....which we certainly are NOT right at the moment.

It's sad. It's wrong. It's a mean and petty way to get things done & it needs changing now.

That's what I had to say --

Now I want you to know that I'm not a rabid / radical Democrat. My husband is a ... well, he was a Republican until this last election... but that's another long, LONG story. Now he's a Libertarian. I am certainly not going to diss his policital party in front of him, and for the most part, I like to stay far away from partisan politics, but MAN, would these guys (and that does include Democrats) either PEE or get off the POT already!!!


hopefully in a better mood tomorrow.

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