Friday, February 27, 2009

Yet another day gone to paperwork....etc.

So I keep thinking I'm going to be able to update my blog on a daily or close to daily schedule...but then life interferes and it just doesn't happen. Last week, I spent time doing kid stuff, tax stuff, book stuff, and oh, by the way, taking tests down at the EDD office (Employment Development Department) so that I can at least try to search for some additional employment. Bookselling is my life, but for the moment, in these economic times, it's not really paying the bills and the kids still eat like horses (and normal household bills seem to keep getting bigger... wonder why that is?).

This week I am reorganizing myself. Actually, I'm trying to be queen of organization.... it's not working completely, but I'm TRYING!!!

I have to get my scout stuff (I'm a den leader & this coming year my scouts will be Webelos, so there's LOTS to keep track of) in some sort of binder / organizer.

I have to get my tax info (on pain of death according to my accountant...and I AM organized with taxes, at least I keep thinking I am) organized into a MORE organized fashion.

I have to get the paperwork on my desk dealt with -- answer mail, email, messages -- put papers AWAY instead of just moving them. Of course, that means I have to THINK to get the papers put away.

Oh, and on the GOOD book news, it looks like the collection that I couldn't pick up in December might actually land in my workroom this weekend -- but darn it, I CAN'T FIND THE PAPERWORK I DID ON IT!!!

How sad is that? I probably threw the papers out because I thought I had no hope in *%$(^&% in getting the collection for a number of reasons ($$$$ being one of them). I THOUGHT I had kept the papers just in case, but maybe not.

FROM NOW ON, I WILL NOT (NOT NOT NOT) throw away any paperwork for offers for collections. This has happened TOO often for it to be a fluke.

And today, I'm not adding any wonderful jpgs of books or a nice description of a book to the blog because last night I impaled my thumb (under the side of the fingernail no less) with a piece of grout that chipped off the bathroom sink.


It hurts to type.

And now I have to regrout the sink this weekend.

Next week I'll be more diligent about blog entries...make them nice & BOOK related.

Next week, it's a new month & I can start more organizing!!


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