Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Buck Euchre.... a game for swingers!

You can't really see it well from this picture, but the group around the card table are all dressed in their....

birthday suits.

Yup, this is one swinging book from the 1970's where playing games is SO MUCH FUN because everone is Nekkid!

Or.... everyone is GOING TO BE Nekkid sooner or later...and of course that leads to other fun.

(in groups, no less).

How 70's can you get.

The heart of the book is a game manual on the specifics of Euchre, an offshoot / variation on the card game Bridge.

But lo, this book is not written in tech speak and diagrams (like those you see in the newspaper....actually, come to think of it, I haven't seen Omar Sharif's bridge column in a while ... maybe that sort of thing is long gone).

At any rate, no, this is not tech speak but a fictional dialogue (probably not Platonic) between players as they....enjoy.... the game.

Here's part of the flap blurb:

"Just what is buck euchre? A card game for four participants, similar to bridge, and somewhat more exciting! But this is no mere description of the game. This is an entertaining - and rather quite bawdy - learning experience! The book's format is most unusual. The game is explained in a dialogue between two characters whose risque humor helps to make the game come alive."

I couldn't help myself.

I had to post it.


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