Monday, March 16, 2009

Skiing with Uncle Matty...

Oftentimes, I feel as if I don't do anything fun -- most days it's work, work, work, drive, drive, drive... keep the house going, etc.

But sometimes, I do have fun.

The picture above shows sons number one & two, Uncle Matty and my niece (or the boys cousin) Ruby out on the ski slopes last weekend. (by the way, this was the best of the pictures.... I'm not the best with the camera & I found that trying to take pictures WHILE people were skiing was a disaster!)

This is the end of the day however. both my sons had never been skiing before, so the first hour & a half were filled with tortured howls of how hard & uncomfortable and rotten a sport skiing is. But after much foodage at the very expensive (and rather blah) cafeteria, the world was a much better place and actual skiing ensued.

We'll try it again another time (Uncle Matty says only once a year and that's fine with me... I still have bruises on my shins from the boots!)

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