Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's been a while, hasn't it....

Wow, two months since I've posted.

Even my brother-in-law (Hi M!)  noticed that I'd been slacking, and that's saying something.

Once again, plenty of reasons for the lack of posts - most of them sound lame when written out - and worst yet, I've been checking my blog nearly daily for the last week or so because I keep hoping that I'll get back to it soon.

So today, even though I have nothing really interesting to blog about, I decided that the best thing I can do is to just start....

I do have some neat books to show but all of them take more than five minutes worth of thought and time to post about so those will have to wait. I'm in the process of trying to set up a new feed / delivery system for my emailed newsletter (which is also more than a month overdue) so when I get that done I'll post it here as well.

Last week was a total loss for getting anything done (except the absolute necessities of online selling) because of the holiday (you know, the Last one - Thanksgiving).

The week before that was absolutely crazy busy with scout stuff, soccer stuff and little niggly things that had to be done which took far longer to do than anticipated.

I've got a LOAD of pictures I've been wanting to post - many of them pics of the kids doing their thing (both of them have done lots of good / cool things lately that are worth posting about) but again, I keep losing track of the time to get stuff done.

And then.....

dreaded tax time has finally hit.  I really need to get the darned monthly totals done before the end of the year and.... oh yes, today is DECEMBER- FLIPPING - FIRST!!!

When did that happen?   And why did it get so cold so fast?

Yes, I'm a winter wimp, but the cold here bites in and runs right through my bones.  And of COURSE both boys signed up and made the teams for winter soccer season (yippee for the boys, there was hefty competition this year - good competition, but wahhhh for me who gets to go out to NIGHT TIME practices and watch and wait).   More about that later.

I'm trying valiantly to continue to process as many books (and continue to slog through the old titles to update and / or donate those that no longer make the cut) as I can before the winter holidays begin in earnest for the schools.  After that, my work, and especially my computer will be in a fight for time against the slavering hoard (IE: my kids).

I do have one picture handy that I am going to post.  Soon I won't be able to post pictures of Number One Son because he'd heading for the terrible teens (Thirteen years old is coming up in a frighteningly short time) and he's pout and wail about my pictures of him, but this particular picture is actually a nice picture of him, AND I got it spontaneously, right in the middle of him throwing a hissy about having to WORK. (sigh).

Here goes.

For one thing, he's decided that he's..... Mr. Cool. Second, he's finally starting to fill out a bit and doesn't look so twiggish.  Third, the look on his face..... yeah, that's it mostly.  MR. COOL.

So, that's it for now.  I'm going to try and be back DAILY from now until.... hopefully from now on.


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