Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wild Ideas...

Sometimes, I get these wild ideas about things I'd like to do.  One of these wild ideas has been kicking around in my brain for a while now -- but I haven't figured out how to put it into operation, and I know I'll need other book dealers who will chip in to make it work (no, not money!)

So a while ago, a book dealer friend of mine wrote a great description of a book he happened to have in stock.  It's one of those sad, sad books that should have been, would've been, could have been great at one point in time but is no longer a contender.  Here's a link to the book description he wrote:  Not-So-Great Gatsby.

I love this description.

I also love the idea that we as book dealers can take some of the books that we have picked up over the years because they are GOOD books, even though they are in rough (to say the least) condition.

I have several books like this Gatsby of Howard's.

Ok.... enough of the build up.  Whoops, not so fast.  Before I can get to the idea I had, I have to fill in one other little blank.

If you've never heard of Cakewrecks, here's a link to the Cakewrecks site:  Cakewrecks

What Howard did for this Gatsby,  the Cakewreck crew has done for professional cake decorators.  It's a hilarious look at all the wacky, weird and just plain wrong things decorators can do to the stuff they work with on a daily basis.  (note- this site is best observed when you are not guzzling a beverage of any sort. Especially if you want your keyboard to continue working).

So - here's my idea:

I would like to start a blog (or use this blog, depending on how things go) to write up, or upload descriptions that other dealers write up, the books that could have been contenders -- just like this Great Gatsby.  Then include photos of the book to show just how awful the book is.

There are a couple of rules though -- (and I'm making these up as I go)

1) It has to be a book that would have had a fairly nice value (though this is relative and dependent on whim).

2) The description  has to make you want to smack your head, or groan outloud, or snort tea through your nose (or all three).

3)  The photos need to have a bit of pizazz as well. (ok, still fuzzy on this point too).

That's it so far. 

I do have a book that would fit very nicely into this category -- I just need to pull it out of the box where it's mouldering and find some snazzy descriptive phrases to jazz it up.  That might be my project for the week.  (note- see the previous blog post for allergy symptoms -- which means that I don't have much of a brain this week so it might not get done as soon as I'd like).

Anyone want to take a whack at it with me? 

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