Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The problem with the picture included with this post is that it doesn't do justice to this book. Author / illustrator Mark Alan Stamaty has, in this wonderfully bizarre story of a boy who helps out a donut collector on his rounds collecting donuts, created a masterpiece by filling every possible space with unbelievable, intricate detail. Every square inch of each of the pages is heavily and laboriously illustrated with scenes of all sorts -- each of them including at least one donut. (the rear blurb of the book mentions a grand total of 3,487 donuts in all, but who on earth could count all those donuts ... and I think the number is too small anyway). In the end, the boy, who has taken over the donut pick-up route saves an old lady who is drowning in coffee (you have to read the book to understand) by dumping his load of donuts and thereby soaking up the liquid and saving the day.
Unbelievable illustrations.

(I'll see if I can add some pictures from inside the book as well).

PS: strangely enough, there are no cops standing around carrying / eating donuts in this book -- at least none that I could see.

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