Monday, November 24, 2008

Hiiiiyahhh!!!.... oops?

I know this is not in my main specialty area, but I'm rather fond of this book -- in a weird sort of way. No, I don't practice karate (except in that place in my mind where I'm capable of doing all sorts of things like karate, ballroom dancing, fencing, ballet, etc.) but I've had this book in my database & online for years & still it intrigues me.

Not only can karate stun and maim, it can outright kill -- the goal of this book is to help those who study the art of karate (or any martial art, for that matter) to realize just exactly what the consequences of a particular move / blow are on a typical body. It is both an instructional guide and a very graphic cautionary tale.

When the instructor says don't try this at home....

He MEANS it!

Most of all, it's a strange book, but it's COOL....

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