Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dat be MR. Rabbit to you...

Sometimes I wish I had a bigger selection of older children's books. Mainly, I have modern youth fiction / picture books which suits me fine, but sometimes I wish I had many more of the fragile, quaint, beautifully illustrated and beautifully bound books that were published in the 1800's for children. Today's book is one that reminds me how solid and handsomely some of the books were produced. Joel Chandler Harris is famous for his Uncle Remus series and his use of vernacular Southern US English. This title is one of a smaller two volume series published a bit later in his career. Not as well known today as Uncle Remus, but just as intriguing.

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Dave said...

If only we all had a bigger collection of Old Books, especially Old Children's Books. But definitely books from the 1800's were amazingly well illustrated and made to last. There are still masses of them around today and well worth seeking out for the secrets they all hold.
Dave Robus.