Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!

The deal was that I would update my blog REGULARLY...that's what I told myself when I started it. However, all bets appear to be off during school vacations *AND* the two weeks prior to *AND* the week after any big school vacations. Two field trips, class parties (for which I am not only bringing home-made goodies, but which I have to attend...and enjoy), kid stuff, friends over, etc...

Makes for NO time to think straight or work on a blog. I was trying to keep the book theme going, but I seem to have lost that already.

On the good side, I have NOT fallen back on the cute kitten photos yet (though the newest member of the household is too cute for words & the first cat I've had in years who thinks sitting on my keyboard is what cats are supposed to do -- NOT).

So it's Christmas night (the FIRST day of Christmas for purists... and I am finding a few purists in the blogosphere). and I did a minimal amount of real work (IE: book business).
I moved boxes of books -- ho, ho... easy stuff, right? Well moving boxes isn't so bad, but figuring out where to put them to get them in the right order & out of walkways & harm's way takes brain power.

Then I took pictures of books in preparation for next week's data entry.

Then I had to move boxes of books around again to FIND a couple of books that sold (Yippee for the sales!), then move the boxes all back into order again.

THERE IS ORDER. One of these days, I'll post pictures of the stacks of boxes ... and if I get really silly, I will write a list of the order that the boxes are in... yeah, right.

Other than that, I've checked my email in dribs and drabs, cooked, eaten WAY too much, read the darned book I'm supposed to review by Monday and played with the kids.

Pretty much a normal Christmas for me.

I like it that way.

I get back to real work days on Monday. Hopefully, I'll get back to updating the blog with real book stuff at the same time.

Happy Holidays.

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