Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Book Fair Schedule...

I finally got my rear in gear and decided (well, the economy helped too) to go ahead and exibit at two book fairs in September.

The first is the Santa Monica Book Fair (the link seems to be in the middle of an update today, so I'll get it for you when I can) on Sept. 12-13 in Santa Monica, CA (obviously...) It's a two day fair and is well attended by both dealers of all types and browsers / buyers (hopefully!)

The second is The Sacramento Antiquarian Book Fair on Sept 19th at the Scottish Rite Temple in ... Sacramento, CA.

I'm hoping that both fairs will be AWESOME and that (crassly) people will be willing to buy things from me.

If you'd like a free pass to either, please email me and I'll send out something of have a pass waiting for you at the door.

I'm hoping that I can cram as much data entry into the next several weeks as I can -- if not, I'll even try to be less A/R then usual and actually take some stuff that isn't completely detailed in my computer before I go (GASP!)

If there's anything in particular you'd like to see there, let me know.

Oh, and there might be another book fair coming up in October for me. I'll let you know as I learn more.


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