Thursday, August 13, 2009

Santa Monica Book Fair... here's the link

It appears that tthe link is working again today. The show arrangers must have been working on it yesterday as it never seemed to do anything but spin and time out.

here's the link:

Santa Monica Book Fair

the lone link I could find for the Sacramento show is lame and mostly for dealers, so I'm not including that -- however, I will tell the organizer when I see him that he needs to add a webpage for the show. Gotta have one nowadays!

I've been entering data for the fair this week. In fact, the last couple of days made me feel like I might actually have some interesting stuff to take...

Can't tell you about it now, as I need to take it to the fair, but it's starting to feel good.

Last week I spent the week moaning to myself that I had NOTHING worth looking at.


(this by the way, is every bookseller's lament when faced with a book fair looming. All of us seem to be easily cowed by the stock of others ... well, maybe not ALL, but many dealers). What can I say, unless you're constantly working with the public in an open shop (which many are NOT now), you end up by yourself facing a computer all day and don't feel like you do much but sit on your rear end. And some of us are less than hugely confident -- speaking of myself here.

I haven't gotten to the packing part yet -- that should be coming up this next week. And if it's not, I'm LATE!!!

Hopefully I'll be able to find something else to write about for the next week or so, but if not, bear with me.

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