Monday, August 24, 2009

Great ... now what do I do?

Well, I finally dragged myself off to the doctor to see what was wrong -- I've had some pain in my lower back on the right side which started traveling down parts of my right leg then, starting last week, it meandered over to my lower abdomen.

I thought I might have appendicitis. Great.

The pain was really starting to be a problem.

As in, I found myself sitting (actually, more a sort of odd reclining pose that reminded me of some of the romantic / pre- Raphaelite painters know -- that famous print of the Lady of Shalott by Waterhouse) on the sofa watching kids TV programs I'd seen tons of time before -- and not caring because at least if I was still, it didn't ache quite so much.

The doctor ruled out Appendicitis which is very good.

But I do have to go get an X-ray to see what the problem might be.

OF COURSE this happens just before a book fair. Book fairs mean boxing up lots of books and CARRYING said boxes from place to place.

Carrying boxes hurts.

Doctor says not to carry much of anything right now.

Yeah, this works.

So I'll get the X-ray the doctor wants (again taking time away from data entry that is lagging FAR behind what should be done) and see what the problem is. In the mean time, I get to take some anti-inflamatory stuff that seems to make me a bit slow (not helpful) and hope that what I type into the database actually makes sense later.

Wish me luck.

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ANudge said...

Here's praying it is a minor thing causing pain!