Sunday, October 3, 2010

I need a day of rest...

So it's Sunday.  The traditional day of rest.

(that all depends on your background of course....but in modern day America it is usually the day where guys kick back on the sofa and watch the perennial sporting event ... which ever one floats your boat.... while the gals get to clean the kitchen in a futile effort to NOT watch whatever sporting event is on).

Me, I was hoping for a day to get some down time. 

I could:
Stare at a wall  (hopefully, one of the few clean walls in the house.... Number Two Son's finger grime apparently has gone farther afield than I previously imagined).

Read the rest of the book that needs to be finished by TOMORROW.

Eat / drink something soothing (take your pick -- whichever was less work)

Maybe play a game with the boys at some point.

But NO....

again, no day of rest.

Started off the morning with church .... and my newest add-on to the schedule.  When the priest asked for some new lay readers / lectors, I stuck up my hand, and put myself on the list.  I've done this before. No sweat, just get to church a bit  early to read the lesson through so I can practice my biblical name tongue twisters.

But.... turns out, I somehow signed up for Lay Eucharistic Minister which is a WHOLE lot more than reading something out loud.

Today was my first gig.  I got through it with some help from the other people up front (more than just the priest up there nowadays) and hopefully it will sink in soon, but man, it was a bit more than I was expecting.

A quick change and Number Two Son and I pulled out the Cub Scout popcorn during coffee hour to sell some for his pack.

And then, this afternoon we have more scout stuff.

And more tomorrow.

And when I got home, I looked around, realized we have TWO WEEKS until my Venerable Mother-in-Law (yeah, I'm starting to run out of stuff from the Charlie Chan books to use for nicknames.... Honoured Husband, Venerable Mother, Number One Son, etc.....  I'll have to move on to something else soon...)

Getting back to Mother-In-Law .... she's coming in two weeks time for the annual fall get-together. Which means my house becomes command central.  Which, in turn, means that I have to have a CLEAN house.

Remember that lack of weekends that I've been having?

It continues this weekend.

And next weekend.

And the weekend after that... the one where she'll be here?

Yup.  Just found out that Soccer try-outs for the winter season start on .... the day of her get-together. 

All is not lost however. The try-outs are (miraculously) going to be about three blocks from the house.  Only one boy at a time has to go... so I'll be ferrying one over, watching .... then ferrying the next over.... and THEN we'll have get-together time.

This does mean that I LEAVE MY HUSBAND IN CHARGE..... should I repeat that?  I don't really want to. Once is bad enough.

And, my family will be all over my kitchen.... without me there.

(Wailing commences)

I may not survive the next three weeks.

I really could have used a day off today.

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