Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Week!

Technically, it started off last week, so I suppose you could say - What a Fortnight!  if you prefer, but I like it the way it is.

It started last Thursday with not being able to get any work done at home (and when I say at home, I generally mean working on the computer at my day job.... book selling, ya know).

Then Friday, Venerable Mother said, don't forget to take your stuff to the church rummage sale.  First thing.  Do it now!

So I went to the computer and started working -- which was  my way of ignoring the situation until I had gotten some badly needed work done......


And there's ALWAYS a but...

Venerable Mother called again.  You REALLY need to get down here.  Bring the books now.  So I finished my bill paying, checked the email and gave in and dragged the twelve boxes of books (you remember that ongoing project to get rid of old, not so great book stock?  Well the dregs have to go somewhere and if they weren't bad enough to pitch, then donating them is the way to go.  And by the way, these twelve bags / boxes are STILL all from the A's.) down to church.

  I thought, "I'll just drop them and RUN."

Which NEVER works. I got there at 11:00AM.  I left at 4:50 PM because I had to get Number Two Son to soccer practice.

And that's pretty much how it's gone since then  -- I keep thinking I'll sit down and do paperwork / data entry...and something else comes up that is just as important.

Saturday it was two soccer games, rummage sale help, cub scout popcorn selling, and then back to church to pack up the leftovers from the rummage sale,  box them and stash them in a LARGE van to be taken to some other place.

Sunday was an all day trip to Columbia with the scouts to the Trout fishing farm.  Did I mention that the weather spiked again during this time period and we're back up to 100's each day?

Monday.... I totally forget what happened Monday.  I've blocked it out completely (except for the requisite hour and a half stop at  Number Two Son's school for math help.)

Tuesday.... same thing.

Wednesday was my yearly physical. Yippee.  Took an hour and a half. Met a very nice nurse practitioner who was taking over for my regular doctor for a while.  Nice lady.  Still don't like the stuff women have to go through for a yearly physical and probably never will.  I survived.  'Nuf said.

Yesterday was my job interview.  So OF COURSE I stopped off at Number Two Son's school for an hour and a half to help - realized that I had STOPPED watching the clock and nearly had a heart attack racing down the highway (did I mention that the interview was a half an hour away from home?) to make it in time.
And yes, it was 98 degrees in the shade at the time.  I was DRESSED UP.... and the air conditioning in my car is non-existant.

You try showing up for a job appointment with a sweaty red face, a dress stuck to your back and your legs (bare) sticking together when you walk.  YUCK.

On the good side, I think I might have made it past the first round.

And today.... well, here's hoping that I can get some data entry done today because I'm REALLY behind.

Tomorrow I won't be able to as the soccer stuff / scout stuff starts all over again.

Have I mentioned that my house is a shambles and that cleaning has gotten cursory at best?

Yup.  That's my week.

Oh.... can't forget the new pairs of pants from Lands End that arrived the other day.  Same pants I've worn forever.  I guess I can't pretend that I'm the same size anymore -- my imagination can keep the dream alive, but my body just doesn't want to stuff itself into something too tight.  Dang.  AND I have to send them back and get replacements -- which means at least a two week turnaround.  In the meantime I have to find something to wear that is decent (the reason I finally broke down and ordered pants was because the other pairs had holes so large they were obscene) and that half-way fits.  :(

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