Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four days in a row? Wow!

See -- when I started this blog I expected that I could post a new blog entry every day without pulling too much of a sweat. Well, for the most part, that went by the wayside quickly. The first thing to go was the weekends (kid stuff gets in the way -- and now it's baseball season, so evenings are gone too).

Darn -- I just thought of a picture I SHOULD have taken & posted. Son number one is now deep into Boy Scouts (as compared to Cub Scouts like his brother). He officially started work on his Gardening merit badge yesterday (with a bit of help from me) -- he and several other troop members got a chance to PULL WEEDS! Yup, the beginning of the gardening is to prep the ground and they got to use real live tools (and watch men use power toys --oops tools-- as well.
I should be taking blow by blow pictures. Next week, when we go back for more ground prep and planting, I'll remember to do the picture taking thing then. It was 96 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside as we were working (at 5:30pm) and NO shade to be found... we were all red and sweaty.

SO -- back to the blog thing. This week, I've posted four times in a row, AND with photos!

I'm so proud of myself.

Of course, once I post this, something will happen so I can't post for three more weeks... life

Here's another:

These are two of the five books I've gotten added to my database & uploaded today. I would LIKE to try for more books per day, but so far, it's not to be.

If you'd ever like more information about any of the books pictured here, please email me.


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