Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Really Rosie... Maurice Sendak

Oops, another sideways picture. I need the pictures for my descriptions, but I just can't seem to take the time to do them perfectly -- also sometimes I think the frame is straight, but can't tell til after I put the card into the computer if it really is or not.

(PS: most... well, actually, 99% of the books pictured on my blog are available on my website -- I don't know how long some of them will last, but if you see something you like, find the link off to the side of this blog and have at it!)

I LOVE Children's picture books. It was late coming, as I've already mentioned (my first loves were youth chapter books and then science fiction-- both genres where you see the picture in your mind's eye, not on the page). However, after son number one was born, I started noticing more things I liked about children's books -- and it went downhill (or uphill depending on how you look at it) from there.

Every time I went out book hunting, I'd find MORE children's picture books than what I was seriously searching for. Pretty soon I found that I had a knack for finding good titles... and then...

There's a lot of "and then...." in my life.

Currently, I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm trying to log more non-fiction work into my database to see if I can jumpstart sales.

--- You know, life would be breeze if I could do the job I love without having to worry about paying those pesky bills! ---

So far, it's been working, but I miss entering the children's books. I'll probably pull out a box of them soon and dig in. But this next week or so, I'm going to start frantically searching through my boxes for the last few books I want to take to my next book fair. The book fair is in Grass Valley, CA (up the road about two+ hours) and is one of my favorites. It's a small fair, but very friendly and relaxed.

The thing is, BEFORE the weekend at the fair, there are three to four weeks where I panic and try to figure out what I'm taking, what my focus is, why I'm going, how stupid I'm going to look, am I going to take books that will sell --- oh, the list could go on for days, weeks... don't get me started.

So now it's getting to be crunch time. I need to start mentally preparing and deciding. And then I have to check everything, poke around, pull the boxes out for transportation & start filling them, etc. etc.

NONE of which has anything to do with the beginning of my post about Children's books -- except that I'm currently trying to decide if I should take a bunch of picture books to the fair, or if I need to leave them home in favor of the non-fiction new stuff....

If you have an opinion -- especially if you're going to the fair -- let me know.

(PS: I'll post a link to the Gold Rush Fair information another day. Today I have to run & take my son to the Dr. for his yearly physical)

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