Monday, April 27, 2009

Scouts doing good things...

First off -- I was talked into having a Facebook page which you can find here: Stephanie Howlett-West. Join if interested. I'm still not sure what good I'll get from it, but that's ok too. Now if I could just figure out some of the ways to use it....!

This picture is of son number one -- this last Saturday, he and I joined in an Eagle Project (for those of you not in the know, Eagle Scout is the highest rank a Boy Scout can receive, and the last thing that has to be done is an Eagle Project -- the boy has to find a project, to organize it, to supervise it and get other scouts (and parents) to help. We have a few years to go before son number one is able to put together his own Eagle Project, but we helped out with one for another troop member (and earned service hours in the process).
Since Memorial Day is upcoming, this project is helping out the American Legion (I think) -- with sanding, repainting and generally fixing up crosses that will go out in the cemetery for Memorial Weekend. We started at 8:00AM with the sanding --- and by the time we left for baseball practice we had sanded off 400 crosses and the boys were starting the painting portion.

I have no fingertips left.
I also got a nail in my thumb, but luckily, I've had my tetanus shot so I'm good to go.
Son number one helped with the painting too -- now we have to buy new pants (AGAIN!!!)

It's good work. Definitely worth the time.

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