Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today it's Field mice...

I swear, I'm NOT stacking these books up on purpose on my desk.


It is just a major coincidence that I've had four books in the last week that are children's picture books about mice.

However, I was right that a nice collection of mice books could appear if one started looking.

This particular book has illustrations by Erik Blegved and the mice (and the other animals) are very detailed and anatomically correct in their depictions. I wish that the interior illustrations were in color as well as the front dust jacket, but it's not to be.

I just checked my database and I have 150 books with mice listed as a keyword -- now that was a general look and some of them are duplicates and not all of them are children's picture books, but the majority are. 150 books! And I'm sure that's not even the tip of the Mice / Mouse collecting iceberg. Now that I'm looking for them (not for a collection of my own, you understand... I've got plenty of books already piling up) but as a new thing to think about as I'm going about my daily business.

I'd love to hear what other types of books you people collect.

When I'm at book fairs I talk to customers about their collections and am always surprised -- and hear about collections that are new to me & sometimes ones that I would never have imagined. That information is both really enjoyable to hear about, but also good for me to know when I'm out scouting...

Any takers?

Let me know!

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