Friday, July 17, 2009

Another week of summer vacation...

I mentioned the Boy Scout badge for Gardening... ? Well -- we're starting to reap the fruits of our labor. However I didn't want to have number one son pick any of the Zucchini until we were given permission. Finally, we took measures into our own hands as this was WAY TOO BIG a Zucchini. So we picked it. Found out later we had permission to pick WAY earlier. Oh well. I made a very nice zucchini bread out of half of it. The other half turned out to be too hard to eat as a veggie plate piece. From now on we pick them MUCH SMALLER!

Quick flip of the thought here --

Man -- I keep trying to keep up the blog thing every day. It's HARD!

I suppose, if I didn't have kids (whether or not they are are on summer vacation) it might be easier to spend extra time on the computer and get all the things done I want to get done (the list is MILES long).

Yet, today, I got to sit for about two hours straight on the computer and I gotta tell you, my rump is not a happy camper. It would help if I wasn't sitting on a wooden stool... yeah, but...
And I NEED to get up and walk around more. I'm starting to flab out around the edges.

I finally got the pictures from the last week or so downloaded to the computer (so you guys who have Iphones and can do everything from your incredi-machines can laugh all you want -- I need some down time without technology taking over my life .. and that includes sending, receiving, photo-ing, chatting via text, blogging, updating & generally keeping my hands on the keypad non-stop)

Since I did get the pictures to the place where they need to be to get on the blog, I'll run a few up this here flagpole:

Last week my sons number one and number two and their friend all went to baseball camp together and then spent the afternoons hanging at our house. Here's a sort of group shot with the three on the bottom step starting from the right being my gang. They had a blast, learned lots AND -- this year it wasn't 110 at 9:30AM with smoke from 2000 fires hanging in the air until you couldn't breathe. This year was much nicer weather wise.

To keep sons number one and two busy for some days on summer vacation, its fun to take day trips. Son number two loves to try and fish (operative word is TRIES - no fish have actually been caught as of yet). This picture shows number two son (number one was hiding) plus three other friends. Nice trip --BUT we decided that we'd head out into the reaches of nature on a day when it was 110 by 11:00 AM -- AND we had to hike over rocks, and slippery slopes with trails that were six inches wide and with possible snakes and poison oak.... (only faint possibilities mind you, this is a state park just up the road from us). Fun stuff.

This is the finally built float for the Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts entry in the 4th of July Parade: Officially entitled: One Hundred Years of Scouting: 1910. Present and Beyond.

Here are the boys on the float on 4th of July morning. Again, a great weather day -- not 105 in the shade. It topped out at a modest 95 which was do-able. However, it does take ALL morning. Out of the house at 8:25 - back for lunch at 1:30.....

Hopefully tomorrow I'll actually put up BOOK PICTURES!

I've got some fun new books to list and am looking forward to writing about them.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer -- we are!

Who knows where we'll be off to next.

(evenings are taken up though with a new baseball team for number one son)

And HOPEFULLY, I'll start being able to do my work again on a scheduled basis next month when school is set to resume. This includes DAILY blog posts. (Yeah, right).

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