Thursday, July 23, 2009

Packing Iron... Gunleather of the Frontier West

Nope - no children's books today (I do have a nice one that's coming up in the pile -- hopefully by next week).

Today it's gunleather of the Frontier West. This book shows great illustrations of the leatherworking including tooling, doo-dads, etc. that helped win the West. If it weren't for the gun holsters, there would have been far fewer gun fights to boast about -- if it hadn't been for the saddle holsters, there would have been fewer shoot-outs between the cavalry and the natives.

Well, wishful thinking on my part, I'm sure.

However, this book is filled with gorgeous color photographs of different types of leather holsters, gun belts, and other assorted gun leather accessories with detailed descriptions which can be used by those studying the Old West -- the former owner, a leather worker himself, used the book to get the details he needed to make replica gun leather goods.

Not a children's book, but neat none the less.

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