Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers movie... Cool stuff..

So we went to the Transformers (2) movie last Saturday. I did mention that it received rotten reviews (one I saw received a 1 & 1/2 stars.... ). I have to say I disagree with the ratings.

First off -- I KNOW when I'm going to a summer smash-em-up blockbuster type movie that I'm not expecting edification.

The plot had holes in it. Yeah. So what!

The graphics were AWESOME, the adventure / suspense / cool factor was high and it was quick moving. If it had been truly bad, I would have stopped feeling my suspension of disbelief and I didn't. There were a few kinks here and there, and I did spend a bit more time than I could have looking for where Shia LeBeouf had the cast / wrapping on his had because he rolled his car in real life and smashed it to smithereens.

Ok, I did find Megan Fox to be more of the sexpot than anything else, but frankly, it was OK by me and I know that that's what the director wanted.

It wasn't Shakespeare -- BUT -- I wasn't expecting Shakespeare.

So I was fine with the whole thing.

Son number one wants to see it again.

Maybe we will.

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ddadmin said...

I found the movie to be largely pretty good. The Optimus scenes were cool. It was worth seeing just for those alone. Couple of things irritated me though - little miniature remote controlled truck, length of the movie, the twins and that chick who turned out to be a robot, that was so random and had no explanation whatsoever. But as I told over all I love the movie transformers and the game transformers, so collected some good articles and sites, around 200, for transformers movie and video games. If you are interested check out the link below