Monday, June 14, 2010

The Ebay Thing continues....

It's been a month since I re-entered the Ebay marketplace as a seller. So far, no spectacular success.
In fact, so far, no success at all.  I did learn from a comment to add extra pictures.  I've also added a Best OFFER option button for those who might be tempted.

So far.... nothing.

Of course, it's not much of a trial with only five listings, so I'm continuing the effort and trying different material.

I seem to have the patience to list only one or two items at a time, which works out OK as long as I'm able to do it on a daily basis, but June so far, hasn't been a month where I can list daily. In fact, last week was another one of THOSE weeks where listing took second place to kid stuff (and this week isn't much better as it's the last week of school for Number Two Son).

I did see that I had people look at every singe one of my listings on Ebay, which is nice (though I can't tell if it's ME looking at items or real buyer type people).   Ebay is it's own little world. I was familiar with it (some) back in the 1990's but now, it's a totally different ballgame, just as regular bookselling is a different ballgame.  It's going to take time, patience and some sideways thinking to get the ball (since it's a ball game) rolling again.

For now it's  waiting, watching and learning -- and adding more books to my listings on Ebay.

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