Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lookee what I Got!

My sister is a very generous person.  Last month she emailed me to ask if there was anything I wanted from a list she had been given ... It was a tenth anniversary present from the company she works for... but she couldn't find anything she needed or even cared to add to the stuff at her house. Same for her husband, so... since she didn't want it to go to waste, she sent the list to me -- an early birthday present list as it were.

This (see the shiny new bike above) is what I ended up ordering.

It arrived two weeks ago (and yes, these pictures were in my phone for over a week before I finally got them out).

I love it.  I haven't had a bike in years and have wanted one for a while so I could go riding with the boys.

So far, only Number Two Son has taken me up on the offer -- as long as I was willing to play basketball as a side trip to the ride. I agreed.

It's FUN!

And, the best part is I've only got one self-inflicted wound from the bike so far. NO wipe-outs!
My sister tried to order it in HOT PINK so as to keep the very masculine boys away from it...

Unfortunately, it's not Hot Pink enough.

Number One Son took it out for a spin the moment we brought it home.
 he changed the gears on me. 
(As if I could figure out what the gears really do anyway - I've set them so it feels comfortable, after that, I just peddle).

I've given him a lecture about using his own bike. I think he's pretending not to have heard it.

Even so, I'm going to try and get some baskets for the back end -- then I can ride to the Post Office (which is just about half a mile from my house) to drop off packages, and then to the grocery store for small trips.


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