Thursday, June 24, 2010

End of June update...

It's been a while since I posted a blog,  for which there are a multitude of reasons (end of school year, start of camping / scout stuff season, keeping up with vacationing boys, etc).  But also, I've not been posting lately because I've had some other things I needed to do.

What I'm finding about the blog-o-sphere is that there are some thing I find easy to put out on the internet, and then there are some things that I don't find easy. Or don't feel I should post for all to see.

During the last two weeks (and actually, the last three months) there have been a lot of times where pouring personal details out on the net was just not something I was willing to do. My answer to this has been to just not post.  Maybe it would have been better for me to post -- to write something (and then, most likely, erase the original post and re-write something cheerful and upbeat).

Of course, with all five family (not including the cats and rental cats, and kittens and furry animals of all sorts) members home ALL DAY, it's hard to get a moment to think, much less come up with something to write.

So you'll have to excuse this time of summer vacation (which lasts until August 2) for irregular postings. Hopefully I'll get back to regular posts when school goes back into session.

However, if I get the job for which I interviewed Tuesday, all bets are off until sometime around the end of September.

Enjoy your summer break.

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