Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Updated the Website (finally)...

I keep trying at the beginning of every year to make a resolution to update my website on a WEEKLY basis.

Now, if I were being PAID to do so, the ((^*(*^ thing would get done EVERY WEEK.

But since I don't, it tends to take a back seat to other, more important things.

It shouldn't.

I should be more faithful about updating the Website, the same way I should be more diligent to update my blog daily and to post on Facebook regularly -- as part of my sterling, razor-sharp business PLAN  which I not only know inside out, but FOLLOW so as to be the Antiquarian Book World's Business MOGUL!  (I HEAR you chortling in the background -- and yes I am being a tiny bit facetious).

I would LIKE to be the razor-sharp business person but life seems to get in the way, and in all honesty, it's hard to remember razor-sharp business practices on a daily basis.

So my website doesn't get updated daily, nor does the blog, nor facebook.

Today, though I did update a few things. I've updated my website home page, I actually got a post on Facebook (ok, not the most scintillating post, but SOMETHING) and I'm in the process of sending out a newsletter.  Pretty good work for me in one day.

All in the name of SELF-PROMOTION - something I'm bad at. 

Self-Promotion is something I need to work on more often and do much better with-  otherwise, who will care about my fuddy-duddy little website / book business ... which in turn leads to lack of sales.

I do care deeply about lack of sales.

So, more SELF-PROMOTION (tion, tion, tion.... echo, echo, echo).

If anyone has any Self-Promotion ideas, feel free to comment. I'd love to hear them.

And, for that matter, check out the website too.

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