Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Centennial Plus 1: A Photographic and Narrrative Account of the Black Student Revolution: Howard University 1965-1968

I'm finally back to data entry!  Well, sort of. The above pictured book is my first data entry in approximately six day. Whether I get any more done today depends entirely on if I can stand the noise level in my work room -- there are three other people in the room and so far, they are driving me nearly around the bend.

As for this book, well, I've spent several days already following trails down rabbit holes looking for information about it, the author, or the actual revolution. Some of it comes to hand easily; most of the details are buried deep in the internet and not wanting to show themselves right now.

This book chronicles the student unrest at Howard University during the mid-1960's... it follows on the heels of the Civil Rights Movements in the south during the 1950's and initially the students hoped to make some changes at the University through peaceful means -- through Gatherings,  petitions, discussions with the administrators.... but as time went on and the administration grew more implacable, the tone of the students requests (and the fact that it was coming to light that more African American soldiers were coming back in body bags than other races...) well, the students grew less and less willing to be fobbed off with simple promises of possible change. The students became more organized, they protested more vehemently, and finally, in frustration, they carefully planned, then executed a coup of the administration building and waged a sit-in / take over of the building itself.

Interestingly, there are NO copies of this book available on-line currently, nor have there been any copies in the recent past.

Fascinating stuff, this.

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FranniM said...

You can buy it online at AMAZON used for $100 ... more than I can afford!