Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two weeks to go and NO books entered again today :(

I was hoping to get the blog entry to identify the different books with their correct prices....see this:

but so far haven't had a long enough time at any one point in a day to get that done properly.

Today is a bust. Between previously scheduled (and important) appointments, errands and the baseball game which is an hour out of town (and we have an hour practice ahead of time so we leave home at 4:00 and might not get back until 9:00pm tonight...), well, there's no time to do that particular blog entry today either.

And I'm sending out my e-mail newsletter today, which takes more time than one would think -- so no chance to get data entry done.

Did I tell you that I have another book fair coming up in TWO WEEKS?

Yup, the Gold Rush Book Fair in Grass Valley, CA. See here:  is exactly two weeks and one day away & I haven't even packed ONE SINGLE box.

Normally, by this time in the game, I'd be about half packed and have the book cases down, or at least partially down.

Nay, Nay... not this time. I've been having further issues with my asthma, and also trying to work around two sets of baseball practice times and scouts, it's been hectic and not very conducive to packing or even thinking about packing.

So this coming week, I have to put the pedal to the metal (I love metaphores!) and get my boxes packed, the van ready and the bookcases somewhere near ready to go.

I also rummaged through the boxes, and boxes, and boxes of books I still have not listed (and found new stock)  - coming up with approximately ten boxes of unprocessed books that I wanted to have entered and ready to go.

As per usual, however I've been able to get one, two, or at best seven books entered per day this last week.  Mostly because the books I'm working on this week are all older books that have some intriguing aspects about them and I want to research them before I list them. Well, researching these books has taken FAR more time than I expected.  This is good in its own way, but dreadful in relation to getting the number of books processed that I want to get done.

Humphf.... same old song, twenty-fifth verse....  it's starting to sound like I'm a slacker.

Oh, well.  I can do what I can do, and not do what I can't do at the moment.

How's that for namby-pamby philosophical mumblings for the day?

And now, since I'm rambling, I think I'll end this.


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ANudge said...

If only we could add another 8 hours to the day - you and I could get a lot of book work done. As you say, "oh, well" It's not going anywhere.

Good luck at the fair.