Monday, April 5, 2010

There be GOLD in them Thar hills!

This is the happy gold panning face.

Son Number Two has three weeks vacation from school (he's on a track system which is goofy and not my favorite, but that's the breaks).

Back sometime in warmer times last year, he and I went to our favorite nature site to goof around (well -- FISH... which I did blog about and we even have

The lady we ran into with her wonderful beagle dog was panning for gold.  INSTANTLY Number Two Son decided that he HAD to do so as well. As soon as possible.

Well, the soon as possible part fell through due to other commitments but finally, last week, he and I went and geared up (the local surplus store / farm store / all you can imagine store) and headed out.  I did mention to Number Two Son that the ever present rain was likely that day (and it was) but he insisted.

Here's the goofy, mom's making me take a picture face.

We found out several things about panning for gold:

One: it's hard on the back.

Two: you get very little black sand (which is where the gold is supposed to be) with a lot of panning.

Three: it's fun, but.... we need to find the creek that no one has ever been to that has NUGGETS for us to just pick up (don't say it -- I do remind him of reality now and then, but he doesn't care).

And finally, Four: If he makes a million dollars by panning for gold, he'll let me have some of it to help out around the house (aawwwhhh, sweet boy).

We did go back a second time last week and I'm sure we'll go back again another time (or ten) but he did think that it might be nicer when it gets warmer and less rainy (yah think!).

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