Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Rhinoceros" Preposterous!

Once I found out about Ed Emberley (author and mostly known as an Illustrator) -- I was hooked.

First off, Emberley has done a series of books over the years helping non-artistic kids (like ME)learn and hopefully understand the basics of drawing / art in a full, friendly, and non-technical,  look-down-on-kids way.  His sub-series of books about making things out of thumbprints is, if you ask me, brilliant. THIS I can do.  Ask me to draw in three dimensions with perspective..... not on your life...but take an ink-stamped thumbprint and add squiggles, lines, curves, etc.  THAT'S right up my alley.

  See - pigs, cats, dogs, cars... all out of thumbprints.

Here's another of the basic books.

Then he gets specific (yeah, I know I need a better picture of this...sue me.)

And one I picked up with my sons in mind... not that THEY ever took a moment to look inside. Sigh.
But, I remind myself, all things come in their own time.  Number One Son is reading again (Garth Nix, no less) and ENJOYING IT!!!   And Number Two Son has found the kitchen science book I put on his book shelf more than two years ago. (Now I have to stock up on Vinegar, baking Soda, food coloring and other fun Science / Food items.)

The topmost book is one that I just entered into my database yesterday. Written by Letta Schatz and illustrated by Emberley, this is the story of a young boy who doesn't DO the normal pet thing.... no he doesn't.
"I don't think my parents understand about pets. I asked for pets, and I begged for pets, and I PESTERED for pets until at last they gave in. And what did they get me?  Goldfish and guppies! I'd never choose pets like that - not with the world full of wonderful animals! If I could pick my pets, I'd get..." This particular book was written in 1965 and is not often seen anymore, especially with a dust jacket.

Great book. Great illustrations. And most importantly, great pets. 

Ed Emberley didn't just stop with how-to books. No, this prolific illustrator has illustrated numerous books over the years and received awards for several - Most famous, I think, was is the Caldecott Winner Drummer Hoff which he illustrated and was re-interpreted by his wife Barbara. He also was a Caldecott honor recipient for One Wide River  to Cross which is a version of Noah and the Ark.  For more about Emberley and his work, see- this.

(When I was a kid, my mother ended up with all sorts of wonderful pets in our house: guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, cats, hamsters (nasty, bite-y things though they are) , an Easter rabbit that ended up as dinner a couple of months later :( , one poor, sad runt of a dog that should never have been left alive, etc.)

No ferrets though, nor creepy crawly things like snakes (probably more because I was a wimp about them than for any other reason).

And now, when my sons ask for non-traditional pets.... well, I have the excuse that the cats we have are darned good hunters. Sorry, no mice or rats for snacking on this week. Darn.

Next up for data entry this week:
Rumford Complete Cook Book (1918)
My Poetry Book : An Anthology of Modern Verse for Boys and Girls (illustrated by Willy Pogany)
The Children of Odin (illustrated with wonderful full color plates by Willy Pogany)
and a 1st edition of Ishi in Two Worlds by Theodora Kroeber (who happens to be the mother of Ursula K. Le Guin -- did you know that, did you?  Be honest.... bet you didn't.)

And for the rest of the week, I may or may not get time to do any posts, OR data entry.... the baseball tournament which jump starts the season begins tonight and continues tomorrow and at least one game on Saturday - with the possibility of two games if they do well enough.  I'm looking forward to see how well Number One Son's team does. Number Two Son will have to wait until next year for the tournament, as it's for twelve year olds and older. 
Also, the Arrow of Light Ceremony for my Webelos twos is on Monday night... I have another arrow to make, candles to find, the cake is ordered, the food is ordered, the stuff is almost ready to go, but I've got LOADS of errands and THINGS to do before Monday night.

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