Monday, May 3, 2010


So yesterday was one of those days....

Took Son Number Two back to Knight's Ferry to do more research for his fourth grade California project. He was in a stinky mood to begin with and he's feeling pressure about this report... the problem is, instead of ASKING for help, he has decided to yell at everyone about it instead. 

And yesterday was a WINDY day, which means everyone was all discombobulated from the beginning (you know that old bit about positive and negative ions ... and the wind messing with them?  well, IT DID yesterday).

Everyone in the house was out-of-sorts.

We got back from our field trip in a somewhat state of truce about the report to find that the microwave was not interested in working. It made an awful noise, started to smell of burning, and when you pulled whatever you tried to put in it out -- well, it was stone cold. That didn't help the mood around the house much.

Oh, and speaking of machines conking out.... last week I tried to make some rolls in my bread machine (wedding gift) and it started to growl strangely and make that rotten burning smell as well.

The tally so far in the last five months... Steph  a bit fat zero.... machines biting the dust.... three. The stand mixer in December, the bread machine, AND the microwave.   Sigh.

Today  was, once again, clean up from the weekend mess day.  So again I've got NO books entered into the database (yet.... I keep thinking I'll be able to do some after I pick the boys up from school, but so far...well, I have high hopes.)

I finally got seven boxes of books packed for the Book Fair next week. Things are finally starting to get done for that. I have lots more to get done, but I've finally made a better start than packing one lousy box.

Tomorrow Will be a better day.

And hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to get to the blog with this answers to those burning questions about which books have which prices and why!

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