Tuesday, May 4, 2010

16 books added to the database... I think that's this year's record

Yeah -- BUT...

Of those 16 books, more than half of them were copies of books I've entered into the database at some point in the past.... so it's basically just duplicating and fixing edition / condition info.... which is not exactly like entering 16 brand new, never-before-listed books.

Either way, I'll take it!

Besides, about half an hour of that time was taken up with getting photos of the books.

Here are a few of them just in case you were wondering....

The majority of the books were Children's picture books.

This happens to be a first edition - with a dust jacket.

Another First Edition with a dust jacket... ps: ANY Palmer Brown books are difficult to find ... with dust jackets and in First Edition.... very difficult.

This month I've found a bunch of cat books.

And then there's this one.. the little girl finds a rabbit and starts to "PLAY" with it by forcing it to wear doll clothes... yup... Where was PETA in the 1960's, huh?
This book is a First Edition thus (with appropriate notations).. the thing is, most listings on line have got their copyright information all screwed around. 

And finally (well for the pictures in this blog), a First Edition thus... another Big Golden Book -- the listings on this one on line are messed up too. People don't know what they've got, nor do they seem to be able to do a cursory amount of research..

Here's hoping tomorrow will be a productive day as well.

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