Monday, May 17, 2010

Checking in....

Just a few quick notes (as it's already time to go pick up the rug rats again...)

The Gold Rush Book Fair was a MUCH better fair this year than last. I'll do a write up of it (hopefully this week) after I've had time to think it through.  I had a great time. The banquet was lovely as usual (and oh, the strawberry shortcake that I shouldn't have eaten, but did....and ate too much! yum!).

The fair itself was well attended and customers came with some intent to buy. Dealers had varying success, but I was most pleasantly surprised by my final tally of the day.

The big news was how the DEALERS were feeling - and coping - or not coping - with the changes in the economy.  I talked to other dealers who were in the exact same pickle I find myself in. And these are high end dealers.... makes me think about this business as a whole at the moment. (again, that should be a blog entry all on its own).

I forgot to take pictures of my booth, but I got a few shots of the banquet drinks time and of the fair itself.

Bill Ewald of Argus Books and Anne Hutchison of Bud Plant & Hutchison Books

A mixed group, including Ken Sanders

More dealers and my poor photography skills mixed again...

Bill Maxwell of Maxwell's Bookmark was the honored guest of the book fair. Here he is with his wonderful wife Wendy and Bud Plant of Bud Plant and Hutchison Books checking out a treasure.

I found a few books to add to  my stock over the weekend. Sold some stuff -- had a nice time and got a really good chance to TALK to other dealers who are feeling the pain the same way I am.

Oh, and I have to thank one of the regular readers on this blog for a couple of comments he added to my post about Ebaying books.  I went back and added a couple of photos to two listings so far. Now I have to go back, update the rest and continue to add more stock to the bay.  Will let  you know how it goes as it progresses.  So far, no sales there yet, but I've got my fingers crossed.  Thanks for the tips!

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